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Hush Pro

AI-powered dialogue repair

Hush Pro is an AAX AudioSuite plugin for cleaning up dialogue. Powered by machine learning on Apple Silicon Macs, it isolates speech from room reflections, ambient noise, and transient sounds — with minimal artifacts and unrivaled clarity.

Hush Pro AudioSuite plugin

Hear it for yourself

Using Hush Pro with AudioSuite preview, I dial back the noise and reverb in two short clips — one recorded above a busy street, the other in a reverberant stairwell.

What the experts say

Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman · Dialogue Editor
John Wick: Chapter 4 · Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
All I can say is wow. The algorithm for isolating dialogue is better than all the other plugins I tested alongside it. I’m using Hush Pro on a feature film right now and it saved us from having to ADR an entire scene with the lead actor. This plugin is pure magic.
Josh Berger
Josh Berger · Re-Recording Mixer
No Hard Feelings · King Richard
Hush Pro has become essential to my workflow. Its ability to achieve clarity while retaining the original intent of the track is unmatched. I’ve found it has a wide sweet spot and yields pretty amazing results on a variety of content.
Zach McNees
Zach McNees · Sound Editor / Mixer
Unconfuse Me (Bill Gates) · Here’s The Thing (Alec Baldwin) ·
You and Me Both (Hillary Clinton)
Hush Pro cleans up my tracks in ways I never thought possible, with complete control and no artifacts ... I’ve used every noise reduction tool on the market, and written extensively about some of the most well-known ones. Hush Pro is in a class by itself.

From Hush to Hush Pro

Recrafted from the ground up for post-production workflows, Hush Pro features a new, even more precise ML model, a DSP engine optimized for live previews, and a UI shaped by months of feedback from editors in the field. The AudioSuite plugin comes in two different flavors, integrating seamlessly with Pro Tools:

Hush Mix lets you rebalance speech, reverb, and noise as if they were separate channels, previewing the results in real time. Control the precise signal-to-noise ratio with decibel-based faders, link channels for faster edits, or toggle the mute, solo, and bypass buttons to make a/b comparisons on the fly.

Hush Split uses the same engine under the hood, but prints speech, reverb, and noise into separate lanes. You can tweak the clip gain on each lane, add other plugins, or make non-destructive edits (for example, isolating a section of room tone to fill silence elsewhere in the session).


  • Isolate dialogue with surgical precision.

    Hush Pro uses machine learning to separate clean dialogue from everything around it: room reflections, ambient noise, and transient sounds (like chirping birds or honking horns). The result preserves all the nuance of the original signal, with far fewer artifacts than traditional noise reduction.
  • Speed up your workflow with adaptive processing.

    Hush Pro adapts to your source material automatically, without the need to pre-sample noise or tweak complex parameters. Processing kicks in only when needed: the quieter the noise or reverb in your original audio, the more subtle the result — even at the highest levels of reduction.
  • Preview results in real time.

    Hush Pro supports live previews in AudioSuite, with smoothed parameter changes, click-free loops, and per-channel mute, solo, and bypass buttons.
  • Edit layers in separate lanes.

    Use the included Hush Split plugin to render dialogue, reverb, and noise into separate clips, which you can edit non-destructively or process further with other plugins.
  • Harness the power of Apple Silicon.

    Hush Pro uses the GPU and Neural Engine on M1/M2 Macs to accelerate rendering, enable real-time previews, and keep CPU usage to a minimum.
  • Own it for life.

    Your one-time purchase includes free minor updates (up to version 1.x) and any future plugin formats (e.g. AU or VST) — without subscription fees or obligatory upgrades. Hush Pro uses a simple, DRM-free installer, so you can move seamlessly between machines. And it runs locally on your Mac, keeping all your audio data private and secure.
  • Support a team of one.

    Like the Hush app, Hush Pro is the work of one person, driven by a life-long passion for audio. Your purchase helps me keep the lights on while I build features, fix bugs, and answer all your quips and queries.


  • Apple Silicon Mac

    Hush Pro requires an M1, M2, or M3 Mac for optimal performance. Although high-end Intel machines (such as the Mac Pro) may still work, they won’t receive hardware-specific bug fixes or support. You can run Pro Tools in Apple Silicon Native or Rosetta 2 mode, with comparable efficiency.
  • macOS 12 or later (with some exceptions)

    As of version 1.0.1, Hush Pro supports macOS 12 or later on the following chips: M1, M2, M3, M1 Pro, M2 Pro, and M3 Pro. However, for M-series Max and Ultra chips, the plugin runs significantly faster on macOS 13.1 or later. Although it will still work on Max/Ultra chips with macOS 12, you may experience long render times and/or dropouts during live preview. Upgrading to macOS Ventura typically resolves these issues.

  • Pro Tools 2021.12 or later

    At the moment, Pro Tools is the only supported DAW. Hush Pro is built from the ground up for AudioSuite, which (unlike a real-time insert) permits random access and offline rendering. That said, I hope to add other plugin formats in the not-too-distant future.


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