Hush | AI-powered tools for dialogue repair


AI-powered noise reduction

Hush is a standalone macOS app that uses machine learning to removes noise and reverb from spoken audio. Produce clean podcasts, voiceovers, audiobooks, and more — without an isolation booth or professional studio.

Hush running on a MacBook Pro

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  • Clean up spoken-word audio.

    Hush filters out broadband sounds like ventilation, appliances, traffic, and wind. Restore audio from imperfect environments and produce studio-quality recordings wherever you are.
  • Make every room anechoic.

    Reduce room reflections and comb filtering — from untreated condos to massive auditoriums. Crank up the dial to absorb every trace of reverb, or mix in some dry signal for a more natural sound.
  • Dechirp. Debark. Dehonk.

    Most noise reduction algorithms struggle to remove transient sounds like chirping birds, barking dogs, or honking horns. Hush eliminates them with surgical precision, saving you hours of manual editing.
  • Automate your workflow.

    Hush accepts individual audio files or whole batches, making short work of podcast episodes, voiceover auditions, or audiobook chapters. Choose an output folder and let Hush clean up all your audio in one go.
  • Harness the power of Apple Silicon.

    On M1 and M2 Macs, Hush uses the energy-efficient Neural Engine, leaving your chassis cool, your fans off, and your CPU free for other tasks. It’s also blazing fast, processing an hour-long podcast in a matter of minutes.
  • Own it for life.

    Your one-time purchase includes free minor updates (up to version 1.x) — without subscription fees or obligatory upgrades. Hush is a simple, DRM-free app, so you can move seamlessly between machines. And it runs locally on your Mac, keeping all your audio data private and secure.
  • Support a team of one.

    Hush is the work of one person, driven by a life-long passion for audio. Your purchase helps me keep the lights on while I build features, fix bugs, and answer all your quips and queries.


  • Apple Silicon Mac

    Hush is optimized for the Apple Neural Engine, a subprocessor on M1 and M2 Macs that massively accelerates machine learning inference. Although the app works on Intel machines too, rendering may take significantly longer.
  • macOS 12 or 13

    Hush currently supports macOS Monterey and Ventura, and will support Sonoma following the public release this Fall. For the time being, however, I advise against installing the Sonoma public beta, which contains a CoreML bug that may degrade performance.

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